Ready to submit your case to PMLS? It’s easy. Click on a link that is below the heading Links to Our MSA and Lien Resolution Forms. This will allow you to download and print a PDF of the service forms packet that is relevant to your case. After that, instructions for filling out and submitting your forms can be found on the first page of each packet. We look forward to hearing from you!

Have more questions? Then Jack Meligan has created two informative videos about PMLS’ innovative Lien Resolution Services:

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The Lienholders Aren’t Owed Anything –

Lastly – don’t fall victim to The First Biggest Mistake Trial Attorneys Make with regards to Medicare Conditional Payments.

Outsource this headache to The PLAINTIFF’S MSA AND LIEN SOLUTION (PMLS) instead. Above all, PMLS is dedicated to plaintiffs paying ZERO to lienholders. Or, if not ZERO, then as close to ZERO as humanly possible.

Links To Our MSA and Lien Resolution Forms 

Liability Medicare Set-Aside Allocation Study Service

Medicare Conditional Payments Lien Resolution Service

Medicaid, ERISA and Medicare Advantage Lien Services

TRICARE and Veterans Administration (VA) Lien Services

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Forms for MSAs and Lien Res Services

Plaintiff’s MSA and Lien Solution Protecting Plaintiffs