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The PMLS team has years of experience serving plaintiff attorneys, injury victims and their families. Our expertise is in MSAs and lien resolution, but our roots go back to settlement planning and the settlement process itself.

Back in 1987, we saw a critical flaw in the way personal injury victims were treated during the settlement process. Everything, from the size, structure and provider of the settlement to the amount, was determined by the defendants. Essentially, it was time for a change.

We turned the tide and started Settlement Professionals Inc. (SPI), pioneering a plaintiff-ONLY focus that truly places the attention on what’s best for the injury victim and their family…while limiting the liability of the plaintiff attorney.

That focus led to the development of SPI’s signature Settlement Planning Process. This process helps plaintiffs and claimants meet their financial needs and goals through comprehensive and holistic planning. By doing so, it creates resources that will last for the rest of their lives.

In recent years we have created strategies to help those same plaintiffs and attorneys when Medicare, Medicaid or ERISA are involved; resulting in the launch of The PLAINTIFF’S MSA & LIEN SOLUTION (PMLS).

Give us a call at 888-MSA-PLTF or 888-672-7583, or browse our website to see how we can help you.

– Jack Meligan and the PMLS Team

We Solve Medicare and lien problems for plaintiffs.

We also help Top Trial Lawyers eliminate the Hassle, Headache, Worry, Expense, and Liability of dealing with their clients’ Medicare and lien problems.

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