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We started Plaintiff’s MSA & Lien Solution in 2012 because we saw a need for plaintiff attorneys and plaintiffs in personal injury cases to receive good, solid advice when it came to the issue of Medicare, and especially future Medicare and the question of Medicare set asides and MSAs.

Many MSA allocation companies have an interest in creating an MSA and, seemingly, the bigger, the better. What is the real truth as regards MSAs and how they intersect with personal injury settlements?

In the short video below we outline our unique approach to MSAs that focuses on the needs of plaintiffs. What makes us different?

To discuss your own needs, contact us to discuss more about your settlement and what your needs are.

Plaintiff’s MSA & Lien Solutions is part of the SPI Settlement Group group of companies. Learn more about our comprehensive range of services for personal injury plaintiffs and their attorneys in our PDF introduction to our range of services.