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What Do We Mean?

Making Medicare, LMSAs, as well as Lien issues DISAPPEAR or get MASSIVELY REDUCED to the lowest rock-bottom amount that is reasonable and defensible.

That is what we mean by ZERO IS THE HERO!

 Need to free yourself from Medicaid or ERISA Liens?

We are Professionals Who Get It. Our team handles Medicare problems, and we are experts at resolving Medicaid and ERISA liens.

We save you time, and we save your clients money.

We are PMLS. Your Medicare Problems Solved.

Protecting Plaintiffs from Medicare Issues.

The PLAINTIFF’S MSA and Lien Solution

Medicare Problems Solved 

Medicare and Lien Problems in Settlement are a Drag

We solve Medicare and lien problems for plaintiffs.

We help Top Trial Lawyer firms eliminate the Hassle, Headache, Worry, Expense, and Liability of dealing with their clients’ Medicare and lien problems. (See 3 Problems You Must Solve for Your Medicare Clients  –

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– Jack Meligan  and the PMLS Team


PMLS is proud to be partnering with Trail Guides

PMLS is Proud to be Partnering with Trial Guides

For all of the 2018 Trial Guides CLE events we are the sponsoring the Scholarship and Financial Hardship Program.

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Plaintiff’s MSA and Lien Solution Three Ways to Avoid a Liability Medicare Set-Aside (LMSA)