When Do The Rules Matter –
The Super Bowl vs. Medicare


The Rule That Can Turn Your Victory Into a Defeat 

Regardless of whether or not the rules are actually going to matter during the Super Bowl, they most definitely matter when you go up against Medicare.

The most significant or critical Medicare rule (that has been in place since 1980) says that Medicare is precluded from paying for services related to your client’s injuries once they discover that your client has received a settlement. See Section 1862(b)(2)(A) – www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/ssact/title18/1862.htm

Think about that for just a second or two … This means that your clients could encounter “Denial of Payment” notices from Medicare. And there is no statute of limitations on Medicare discovering your client’s settlement.

This rule DOES MATTER and it can bite you years down the road. Unless, you do something now.

Don’t let this rule turn one of your victories into a defeat.

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