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The Truth About MSAs… How the Medicare Landmines Get Set, and What You Can Do About Them

When you settle a case, do you deactivate ALL the Medicare landmines? Don’t be that lawyer who misses one and gets a call from a distraught client. Read The Truth About MSAs… by Jack Meligan, Your Medicare Problem Solver.

In this white paper, Jack Meligan lays out all the Medicare landmines YOU should know about, and how to deactivate them. Plus, he reveals the truth about MSAs, and why they may be the best protection for your client.

Download this Jack Meligan white paper HERE, or click on the image below —

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Next – The law does NOT require MSAs. However, that fact completely MISSES the point. So why do an MSA? Watch this Jack Meligan video — Why Do An MSA? The 37-Year-Old Law You Don’t Know About

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